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Business And Individual Tax Issues

Flynn Law Office, PLC, provides tax law services for Washington and Keokuk counties, Iowa. His tax work ranges from assistance with filing taxes to helping individuals and businesses deal with back taxes.

Making Business Taxes Simple

Even a solo business practitioner must file taxes. Attorney Scott Flynn helps numerous small-business clients and individuals by filing taxes on their behalf, ensuring that they pay the minimum while avoiding future conflicts with the IRS or state authorities. In many cases, his clients are entitled to a refund.

Getting Small Businesses Out Of Tax Trouble

Scott also represents businesses that have fallen behind on their taxes. Often, business owners become confused about the filing process and the problem spirals out of control for years. Fortunately, it is possible in most cases to work with the IRS to reach a settlement and keep the business going. Scott can help clients negotiate a payment plan or find another solution.

The Advantages Of A General Transactional Attorney

Tax questions are often intertwined with estate planning and real estate matters. As a transactional lawyer since 2000, Scott has the breadth of knowledge to handle all of these matters cohesively. Instead of going to two or three professionals, Scott's clients get their problems resolved completely and efficiently.

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Scott offers no-obligation initial consultations to all prospective clients. Please call Flynn Law Office, PLC, at 800-655-7165 to schedule an appointment. The firm can also be reached via its online intake form. The firm is located in Keota, Iowa.

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