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About Scott Flynn

Flynn Law Office, PLC, is a general practice law firm focusing on transactional matters such as tax law, real estate and estate planning. Attorney Scott Flynn, a native of Keota, Iowa, serves Keokuk and Washington counties with reliable advice and representation that saves his clients time, money and worry.

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Having practiced law in Iowa since 2000, Scott has earned a strong reputation in the state's legal community. He is well-known for his trustworthiness and efficient representation. His clients typically enjoy a successful outcome to their legal matter, no matter how complex the issues involved might be. He has a wide range of experience in the law, as well as in other fields.

Solving Legal Matters Outside Of Court

Scott grew up on a farm. He understands what it means to own a small business or be a farmer in eastern Iowa. Many of his clients are family farmers looking to pass on their property to their children. Others are self-employed and need assistance with taxes and making sure their business contracts are clear and enforceable. Scott's assistance means that most of his clients are able to resolve their conflicts without having to go to court.

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The choice of lawyer makes a big difference in any transactional matter. To schedule an initial consultation, please call Flynn Law Office, PLC, at 800-655-7165 or visit the firm's online intake form page. The firm's office is located in Keota.

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